STOLEN Chapter 8-1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

CHAPTER 8 Part 1

         Zakri sat on the bench overlooking the arena. He let the cool air touched his face as it gallops from the west. He looked around. The once empty space he had thought before now filled with creatures. Some interacted with others while some fought. Most walked without looking, concern with their own business.

         He sighed. It felt such a long time since he felt this depressed. He doesn't know why, yet he know he is depressed. Was it the knowledge of his father, he wondered. "Father..." he said under his breath. Creatures around him walk past by. Some sat next to him without a word and left, others tried to talk but was dismissed kindly by Zakri. He doesn't feel like talking. He only want to wait.

         He looked to all the creatures around him for a third time. Something was nagging at his heart yet the more he tried to think about it, the more he lost it. Something is messing with his head, something he does not know what. So he walked away from the bench.

         Zakri knocked on the door of the square shaped building. He looked around him, as if being cautious to them. He knocks again, hoping this time, for a reply. Yet none came. Despair, he walk away, joining the sea of creatures on the sidewalk, only he was without aim.

         Zakri approached a wooden door and placed his hand to it. He took a quick glance, cautious if anyone watching him. He had eyed the place for quite a while and confident of its solitude yet he could not help to be cautious. He sighed and began to recite.

         It took him thirty minutes of nerve wrenching recitation when he finally got the words right and the door glowed blue around its edges. He wiped his forehead and felt the relief rushing into him. He smiled. The door in front of him rippled like disturbed water. "Let's hope this work" he said and push himself into it.