STOLEN Chapter 7-8

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 8

         "So the Kris has spoken to you" said Tuah. He rubbed his goatee and nod slowly. "Interesting..."

         Zakri looked to Tuah. "What do you mean?" he said.

         Yet Tuah said nothing. He reached for Zakri's face and placed his hand to Zakri's eyes. He recite something and blow into his hand. It glowed gold as the breath hits it.

         Zakri felt his eyes strained by the glow and tried to close them but the glow forced it to stay open. He struggled, pushing Tuah's hand away but it was grabbed by the old man and cuffed. Zakri tried to pull his body away but failed yet again when the glow grabs him like tentacles and pulls him back to Tuah's hand.

         "Don't struggle" said Tuah. He continues to recite until he finally stopped and blow into his hand covering Zakri's eyes again. He let go and watch as Zakri's eyes glowed blue.

         "What did you do to me?" said Zakri. He stepped back scratching at his eyes. "I can't see!" he stepped back yet again, away from Tuah who stood silence on his spot.

         "What did you do to me!" he said. The blue glow in his eyes explodes shooting two blue column high into the air. It slams to the barrier on the roof of the arena with a thunderous explosion rocking the entire building.

         Zakri's scream died along with the deafening explosion. He blinked. He looked down to his hands and to Tuah who was standing where he had stood before. He looked to his hands again and turn back to Tuah one more time. His eyes widened and his jaw fell. The arena was filled with creatures.

         They were all ugly.

         Zakri felt his head spin. His vision blurred and his legs gave way. He slumped to the ground and everything went dark yet again. "Shit" he thought.