STOLEN Chapter 7-7

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 7

         Zakri stepped back, both surprised and unsure. He looked around again, and saw no one, yet again. He looked back to the Kris Something in him told him to take it, yet he felt uncertain. His instinct told him there is something dangerous about the unique weapon yet, he is compelled to take it.

         "You are Zakri. I am Taming Sari" the voice called again. Zakri placed his hand on the eagle head shaped hilt and tightened his grip around it. The golden glow disappears in a flash of light and knocked Zakri back. He flew to the ground and hit his head hard, knocking over his consciousness.



         Zakri felt his body shook. His ears rang with Tuah's voice. He groaned and deep cracks appeared on his forehead. He coughed and opened his eyes. Tuah was kneeling beside him with his hands on his chest. The old man's eyes had a stint of sadness, but his face was void of any feeling. Zakri coughed again and push himself back to his feet.

         "What? Where am I?" he said. He looked around and saw the high walls around him. Bright lights shone from above, forcing him to squint when he looked to them.

         Tuah step back. "You are still inside the arena" he said  and brushed his white trench coat. "Are you okay?"

         Zakri sat holding his head. He gave it a light shook and looked around again. He gave himself a pinch and felt the pain. This is real, he thought.

         "Can you stand?" said Tuah. He offered his hand but Zakri kindly refused.

         Zakri pushed himself up to his feet and brushed the dirt he caught while he was on the floor. "Did I..."

         Tuah looked to him. "Yes, you lost consciousness." he said.

         Zakri frowned. "I... saw a Kris.. it was the shape of this..." he said and pulls out the key chain Tuah had given him. It was the same Kris, with the same eagle head shaped hilt. An engraving of words adorn both sides of its blade, something he had not realized before.