STOLEN Chapter 7-6

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 6

         The Kris float in silence. "You are Zakri. You are the son of Rashid. You are the son of the harbinger of death, the son of the killer of thousands and the son of the man destined for destruction. You are Zakri" he said.

         An image of a man appeared next to the Kris He wore a hood and clad in dark robe. His face hidden behind the hood but his goatee was clearly visible. He had his hands clasped to his back, something Zakri had seen before. "Rashid, the human who first made the journey to all the cities of the Djinns, the human who first touched the tablet of sealing, the human who touched the soul of the damned and the human who became the host for the damned. Rashid, the harbinger of death, the killer of thousands, the man destined for destruction. He is Rashid. He is your father"  the voice called.

         Zakri frowned. He could not remember the face of his father well and he had never felt any attachment to him, save for the only information his mother had given him, even such information, he had never seen. He tried not to. He just doesn't want to know.

         Zakri walked to the image of the man and ran his hand to his face. It went right through it like the Kris The image flickered and fizzled. The golden glow around the Kris intensify and the image of Rashid disappeared. "You are Zakri. I am Taming Sari" the voice called. The Kris inside the golden glow swings and stood upright, the point of its blade pointing skyward.

         "You are Zakri. I am Taming Sari. I am your protector" the voice called and the Kris materialized. It floats forward towards Zakri and stopped in front of him.