STOLEN Chapter 7-5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 5

         "Zakri", the voice called for him again. Zakri turned to his back and saw a golden glow. It was faint and small, like the glow of a firefly. He walked to it and extends his hands. The glow throbs, fading and brightening and fading again. "Zakri" it said and a strange warmth feeling seeps into his hands. Zakri tried to pull his hands away but the glow held them tight.

         "Shit!" he said and gave them a pull again. They refused to move, pulling him into it instead. The glow intensifies and engulfed Zakri without giving him a second to think.

         Zakri screamed.

         He woke up to a starless night and moonless sky. It was dark, utterly but somehow, there was light. He sat alone, in a small arena surrounded by high trees. There was no life around him save for the trees. He looked around, nothing. He called for Tuah – nothing.

         "Zakri" the same voice called for him again.

         "Who are you! Come out!" he said. The hide and seek play had began to annoy him. "Come out!" he said again.

         A bright light flashed behind him. He whipped to his back and saw a Kris floating in the air surrounded by the same golden glow he had saw earlier. "Zakri" the voice called.

         Zakri frowned. He looked around yet there was nothing but him and the Kris "You... are the one who called me?" he said. The Kris float in silent.

         "You are Zakri" the voice called. "You are the son of Rashid. You are the son of the harbinger of death, the son of the killer of thousands and the son of the man destined for destruction. You are Zakri" it called again.

         Zakri frowned. He looked around and tries to tap the Kris but his hands went past it. "Holograms, huh" he said. He gave it a wave again and his hand went through it yet again. "Do you know me? Do you know my father? Is he alive?" he said.