STOLEN Chapter 7-4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 4

         Zakri's eyes burn blue. The gold smoke around his body thrash around as if repulsed by something from inside. An small spark from Zakri's back pushed part of the smoke away and it dissipates into the air. Another spark from his head blasts the gold smoke around his head into nothingness while another spark on his legs disintegrates the gold smoke around it. Zakri's body descend to the floor like falling leaves. He slumped to the ground and the tornado along with his burning eyes and the gold smoke around his body disappeared.

         Tuah sat cross legged in front of the unconscious Zakri. He closed his eyes and clasped his hands together. He inhaled slow and pulls the remaining gold smoke in the air back to him. The smokes dodged his calling, playing with him for a while before giving in and letting him inhaled them.

        He opened his eyes to see Zakri still unconscious. Tuah massaged his forehead and closed his eyes again. His breathing had normalize though still heavy. His hands and back ached from the massive energy lost. He buried his face in his hands and sat silent waiting for Zakri to regain conscious.

         Zakri opened his eyes. It was darkness, again. He look around, nothing just like before. He look to himself and realized that he could see himself unlike before. He pinched his arm and felt the prickling feeling. This felt real, he thought.


         He whipped to his back. He felt like someone or something had called his name. He squints. An ominous feeling creep into his chest. Fear, he knew. "Hello?" he said.


         The voice was more apparent and it was the voice he somewhat remember like a distant memory. He frowned when he heard his name being called again. "Who's there!" he said. He whipped to all sides, watching all angles of the darkness in hope to find something. There was nothing.