STOLEN Chapter 7-3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 3

         Tuah knelt to one knee and ran his hand from Zakri's head to his eyes. He covered them with the gold smoke and pull back. The gold smoke swirls around Zakri's eyes and was suck into it by an unknown force.

         Zakri's body shivered and trembled faster. Silver beads of sweat pours out of every orifice from his body. His breathing was erractic and his chest rose and fall like the engine of a sports car. Pain and ache spreads around his body. He opened his mouth to scream but had his consciousness kicked out of his body before he could even let a sound out.

         Tuah pressed on. The smoke on his back began to waver and fade. The smoke around his arms intensifies as did the smoke around Zakri's body. He grits his teeth and holds his trembling hand with his other hand, gripping hard on it.

         Around them, the dusts flew into the air and circled the two like a cyclone. Mellow and like a slap to the face at first, it transformed into a massive column that reached high into the domed roof. Streaks of lightning explodes on the roof piercing the air and striking random at the dusty floor and the spectator area.  Explosions echoed around the arena. It shook from the intensity. Sounds of cracks and rains of small pebbles fell onto the floor only to be picked up by the tornado.

         Zakri's body trembled. The gold smoke from Tuah's body swirls around his body like the tornado around him. He rose into the air, tugging at Tuah's hands at the same time. His eyes white and his consciousness disappeared.

         Tuah groaned. His energy is being sucked by Zakri and he is running low of it. He recites the last part of the rites and pulls his hands away, slumping to the ground heaving for air. He watched as Zakri rose higher into the air with his arms and legs spread apart.