STOLEN Chapter 7-2

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 2

         Tuah pushed the double door open revealing to Zakri a huge oval shaped arena with domed roof and bright floodlights all around. It was mostly empty with a couple of mats lying on the far end of the arena. Chairs grouped into colors and stacked like stairs lined above the walls around the arena. A large box, with high seats and a podium, sat at the center of spectators area.

         "Romans architecture..." said Zakri. It echoed throughout the arena. He squints, feeling a slight shame upon hearing his own voice.

         Tuah ignored the words and kept on walking towards the center of the arena.

         Zakri followed with a jog and stopped when Tuah stopped. He watched around him, wondering if anyone had ever used the place. He felt weird a place as clean as this is often used.

         Tuah turned to him still with his hands behind his back. "Sit." he said. His arms appeared from hiding and points to a spot next to him.

         Zakri looked to the old man, surprised at first but obeyed him nevertheless. He sat cross legged on the dusty arena floor and wait for his next instruction.

         But there was none. Upon seeing Zakri sitting down, Tuah quickly pressed his hand onto Zakri's head, pushing him down. Gold  smoke appeared around his body, waving slow and steady like a tamed animal. The glow moved from his back to his arm and began to swirl with violence. Tuah's hand trembles as more of his gold smoke moves to his arm and into Zakri's body through his head. Sweats stream down his forehead. The cracks on his face deepens and veins popped out green and apparent.

         Zakri clenched his teeth when he felt the pressure from Tuah's hand. He pushed back, afraid of being crushed by the monstrous strength emitted by the old man. His fists clenched and his veins popped to his skin. He was groaning and his pushing became even more powerful. Something inside him has been stirred and something else is being added to it. He could feel them churning and swirling inside him. He wanted to puke. He felt dizzy.