STOLEN Chapter 7-1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Chapter 7 Part 1

         Zakri stood in front of the glass door and watch it slides open. He jerked his neck forward, unsure of what to make of the place. He looked up and down and the sides. He turned to the guard standing next to the door, his rocky muscles and his 'I'm annoyed, buzz off shitface' face made him gulp hard. So he went inside.

         The lobby was a large circular area. Dusty but in someways clean. The ceiling was low but somehow manage to squeeze in every patrons of every size. A branching hallway broke the northern end of the lobby and Tuah was standing on one of the branch looking to its end.

         Zakri made his way towards the old man. He said nothing but looked down the hallway to its end, wondering what the old man was looking at.

         "What are you-"

         Tuah puts a finger to his lip. It halts Zakri's words in its track. He stood silent like a statue fixed to the end of the hallway.

         Zakri tapped Tuah's shoulder but the old man wasn't even flinching. So he backed away, not wanting to further annoying the old man. He turn towards the lobby and look around at the empty area. It was surprisingly empty. There was no sofa for people, or creatures, to sit on nor are there any plants to freshen the dusty air. Zakri frowned. "I haven't see any plants here..." he said alone.

         Tuah tapped his shoulder from behind. "Come, it's safe now." he said and proceed towards the door at the end of the same hallway where he stood in silence.

         Zakri nods and followed. He wanted to ask the old man about what had just happened but thought it would be better to ask him about it when they're alone. Or at least when the old man wanted to talk about it.