STOLEN Chapter 6-9

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 9

         Tuah smiled. He held himself from laughing. "What you saw at the hospital, Zakri, is only a fraction of what is really walking amongst us." he said. "The Djinns, as the people of this world is collectively known as, like humans for you, are of various ethnicity and religion and they are just as diverse as you humans are." he placed a marker on the edge of the sidewalk and a lantern burst into the air. It glows blue and in an instant, the blue cab stops in front of it.

         "Master Tuah." The Unicorn who drove the cab earlier poked its head from the inside of the cab. "Where can I get you to?" he said.

         Tuah stepped into the cab followed by Zakri. The Unicorn turn its head to the side. "Take me to the arena" said Tuah and the Unicorn nod.

         "We're here" it said.

         "Thanks" said Tuah and he ushered Zakri out through the door.

         A large building, like those of Rome's Colosseum stood in front of them. It was larger though the architecture was strikingly similar. Statues of strange creatures adorned the outer walls of the building while windows with coloured glass each depicting a battle of some sort adorned the walls in between the statues.

         "Welcome to the Arena" said Tuah. He slaps Zakri's back and went ahead to the main entrance. Zakri, still awed from the sheer magnificent of the building, froze in his spot. Tuah talked to the guard in front of the entrance. He nods and they nods and once he finished, he turned towards Zakri who was still frozen looking at the outer wall of the building. "Come on now! Or do you prefer to stand like a dork there?" said Tuah.

         The words slapped Zakri back to reality. He shook his head and turned to Tuah who gestured for him to follow and disappeared into the building. Zakri jogged for the main entrance and entered the building trailing Tuah who had already gone inside.