STOLEN Chapter 6-8

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 8

         Zakri ram his hand into his trench coat pocket and grope around. He pulls out the Kris shaped key chain and showed it to Tuah. "Yeah, I guess I still have it with me" he said. The      Kris glitters under the gray light.
         Tuah smiled. "Good, keep it with you. It's going to be useful" he said. He prod his pocket and produced several coins. He placed them on the table and called for the bartender.
         The burly man with curly mustache stomped towards the table and gruff when he saw Zakri. He looked to the coins and swipe it clear. He gruff again and left without saying a word.
         Tuah smiled and stood. He looked to the old man who opened the door for Zakri earlier. "Kas! I'm going out, if Jeb return give him the scroll!" he said. The old man named Kas just nod in silence. He turn back to Zakri. "Come, before I teach you how to cross, there are things you need to know about this world first." he said and made his way towards the front door.
         Zakri followed him, breaking into a jog towards the front door. He exits and the old man was standing next to the main road with his hands clasped behind his back. "This world is hidden." he said without looking back. "And everything in this world is equally hidden. Only those with 'trained' eyes can see them."
         Zakri walk towards Tuah and stopped beside the old man.
         "First" said Tuah. He glance at Zakri who glance back at him. "You will need to learn to see them." he said.
         Zakri wanted to frown but he doesn't know for what, so he looked on across the road indifferent to what Tuah was talking about. It was then that he remembered what he had saw at the hospital. "But" he said turning to Tuah. "I saw one hell of a scene at the hospital" this time he frowned. "So you're saying there are a lot more than just those at the hospital?"