STOLEN Chapter 6-7

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 7

         "Master, ready the throat clearer!" the old man said to the bartender who looked a tad younger than his patrons. The bartender gave a short nod and went on to do his work. "Tuah!" the old man turned to one of the patrons sitting on the corner of the room looking out to the window next to him.

         Tuah turned and saw Zakri looking at him surprised. He smiled and waved for Zakri to come to him.

         Zakri took the empty seat next to the old man and sat down with his eyes still fixed to him. "It's you..." he said. There was a touch of regret in his voice. A large glass mug slammed the table, sending Zakri jumping from his seat. He looked to the bartender who glared at him with his only working eye.

         "Don't worry about him, he's like that." said Tuah who proceed to look past the large window. He had his head supported by his hand and his eyes mellowed. The soft gray light from outside gave a mysterious feeling to the old man.

        Zakri gulped. He picked the mug filled with clear water to his mouth and gave it a sip. "...water?" he said. He took another sip and proceed to gulp it empty. Indeed it cleared his tight throat. It felt clear and the thorns disappeared.

         "I'm glad to see you alive" said Tuah. He leaned back and turn his chair to face Zakri. "So, I guess you're here to learn how to go back to your world then?" he said with a smile.

         "Well, yeah, to put it bluntly" said Zakri.

         Tuah cracked his knuckles. "Well, to cross over is easy. All you need is a door and a form of energy to activate crossing gate" he said. "By the way, do you still have the key chain I gave you before?"