STOLEN Chapter 6-6

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 6

        The Unicorn frowned at the paper. It felt like an eternity when it suddenly neigh. "Sure, buckle up" it said.

         Zakri looked around him for anything he could use to 'buckle up' but before he could even 
move, the Unicorn turned to him again.

         "We're here" it said.

         Zakri smiled. "Thanks" he said.

         He released the seat belt and let it whir back into its place. The Unicorn turned its head and gave Zakri what appeared to him as a smile. Zakri smiled back and exit the cab. A rather medium sized building stood in front of him. It was rectangular and boring, unlike the other building around it. Zakri gave it a second look, panning up and down, trying to make sure he wasn't in the wrong place. He turned back to the cab and saw the street empty.

         "Okay..." Zakri sighed. He turn back to the building and produced the paper Ehab had given him. "Let's hope this is the right place." he said and step towards the wooden door.

         The door was old, in fact older than anything he had seen before. It gave out a faint smell of oak with a little bit of tang as if smeared with orange or lemon. Zakri ran his fingers on the door and gave it a knock.

         The door creaked open. An old man, in his early forty stood in front of the door. His face was square and stern. His goatee was well trimmed and colored with henna. He looked to Zakri. "Yes?" he said. He sounded like any other old man Zakri had met before, coarse and tight.

         Zakri produced the piece of paper and showed it to the old man. "I'm looking for a man named Tuah, I believe this is his address." he said.

         The man took the piece of paper and glance at it for a long time. He looked back into the room and gave a nod to whatever inside before looking back to Zakri. "Okay, you can come in" he said and pushed the door open. A whiff of gray smoke mixed with the sweet smell of vanilla and orange poured into the sidewalk outside. Zakri coughed. His throat felt dry from the powerful smell.