Random Flash Fiction #12

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


       It took the whole team a few minutes before they realize someone, or something was attacking them from the sky. The blast took out most of the aircrafts and helicopters in the strip.

       Charles, the captain of the group was the first to react to the attack.

       "Spread out! Watch for their attacks! Cover the jets! We need them to take off!"

       His words were followed by a powerful roar of acknowledgement from his teammates. They spread out, each moving individually towards any aircraft still functional and point their guns to the sky above.

       "Shin! Get to high ground, I want to know who these bastards are!" barked Charles at the Japanese American soldier behind him holding a big sniper rifle in his hand.

       The soldier gave a quick nod and ran towards his back, where the tower was. 

       Another attack rocked the strip, this time aimed at the control tower. Charles cursed and called for Shin through the radio on his shoulder. "You okay?"

        "Yes, sir! Moving towards the back hill, sir!" the radio crackled back, much to Charles relief. He looked around and saw a few fighter pilots racing down the strip towards any still functional jets and helicopters, trying to get them off the ground.

        And then came the loud hail.

        The siren saved only for the most dire of situation: Code Orange.

        Full Alert.

        Charles cursed again.

        "John, anything from the Pentagon?!" he shouted through his radio.

        "Nothing sir, not even from the White House!" came the reply.

        "All right, I want everyone to make sure the pilots get to their jets! Divert their attention! Move!" barked Charles.

         The radio on his shoulder crackled. "Divert their attention? How? It's not like they're attacking us from the ground!" the radio barked back.

        Charles grits his teeth. "Then do whatever you can to keep them alive!"

        "Sir!" the radio replied back and went silent.

        Charles rushed for the nearest fighter pilot he could find and covered him as they make their way towards one of the fighter plane guarded by one of his man, the muscular John Hammer who was also his radio man.

         They helped the fighter pilot into the plane and moved away from it as it began to taxi down the strip. A blast of red fire rained down from the sky, moving towards the taxing plane, when it suddenly stopped, allowing the plane to take off into the sky.

         "Sir, you're not going to believe this!" the radio on Charles shoulder crackled to life. It was Shin, his sniper.

        "What is it?" said Charles.

        "That thing that's been attacking us..."

        "What about it?"

        "It's ours, sir"