STOLEN Chapter 6-5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 5

         Zakri in his weird leather trench coat made his way towards the entrance, greeting the Marid guarding the gate and disappears into the main road. Ehab sighed again. He closed his eyes and let his mind drift away.

         The road was empty as usual. It took Zakri awhile to find the spot where Ehab had told him to wait since no blue cab can stop in front of his hospital without being blast into oblivion by the Marid guards standing at the gate. There was something about blue cabs that pissed off the guards, Zakri thought to himself. He laughed, finding it funny how something as innocent as a car can pissed off a powerful creature.

         A lone lantern hover in the air just around the corner from the main gate. A small pole jutted from its side with a blue banner, like the flag of medieval castles, blue back with lines of gold around its edges and the word 'TAXI' in gold at the top. Zakri's name appeared on the center of the banner written in plain white.

         "That must be the place then" he said and walked towards it. The lantern lit up when Zakri stood underneath it and before he could say anything, a cab stopped in front of him. The window rolled over revealing a creature with the face of a unicorn but the body of lion complete with golden mane. Zakri stepped back.

         "Hey." said the Unicorn. "You wanna stand there or ride?"

         Zakri looked around him – no one. Lucky me, he gulped at the thought. "Y-Yeah, sure." he said. He stepped forwards towards the cab and the door behind the Unicorn opens. Zakri got inside and the Unicorn turned to him.

         "Where to?" it said.

         Zakri gulped again. Somehow the idea of talking animals or flying mythical creatures still hasn't completely soak into him yet. He pulls out the paper Ehab had given him and showed it to the Unicorn. "C-Can you take me to this place here... please?" he said.