STOLEN Chapter 6-4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 4

         "Here." said Ehab. He slides the paper across the table towards Zakri who took it and read its content. "You can find old man Tuah there along with his four other brothers." he said.

         "Wait, I don't know this city how can I find this place?" said Zakri.

         Ehab laughed. "Yeah, about that, well, you can always try the blue cab" he said and picked up the phone like device at the left edge of his table. He dialed a number and called for a taxi for Zakri, much to his surprise. "There, you can use the cab under my name. Don't worry about it, it's on me."

         Zakri hesitated. He hates to be in debt to others but it seems there's nothing else he could do but to accept. So he stood and shake Ehab's hand, thanking him for his help.

         Ehab smiled and watch as Zakri left his room. He sat back and pulls out the drawer where he had placed the papers. He took them out and spread them again on the table like it was before. His eyes move from the paragraphs upon paragraphs of reports and back to Zakri's photo. He rubbed his chin and opened another drawer. He pulled out another file, thick and old, he placed it on the table and undid the red twine seal on its jacket.

         A light wind spreads from the file to his face, sending him sneezing. He pinched his nose and replaced his glasses before flipping the jacket open. Another file jacket emerged from it with a large red stamp marked 'CONFIDENTIAL' stamped on it. Ehab took a moment to rethink what he was about to do, looking at Zakri's photo and wondering what he would find inside the file he had never opened before.

         He ran his fingers on his forehead and closed the file. "Not yet..." he said. He redid the twine and placed the file back into the drawer, locking it back. He leaned forward, dropping the key onto his table and buried his face into his hands. He sighed at his own pathetic self and got up. He walked towards the giant window overlooking the front compound of his hospital.