STOLEN Chapter 6-3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 3

         "Tick, Tock" said the voice in his head. Zakri closed his eyes as hard as he could. He tried to push away the thought yet it persists. "Tick, Tock" it said again.

         "Damn!" said Zakri. He clenched his fists and looked around, worried if he might scare any creatures around. He closed his eyes again and rubbed his face hard with his hands. His thought went back to Jimmy. He stood up and looked back to the hospital. "I need to save Jimmy." he said and walked back.

         Ehab sat on his chair. On his table were sheet upon sheets of papers, all information about one man. Zakri. He leaned back and looked to the gray ceiling. "Maybe he is, maybe he isn't..." he said repeating them several times.

         A knock came to his door and without any worry, he gathered all the papers and placed it inside one of his drawers. "Come in!" he said and the door swerve open, revealing Zakri standing in his trench coat and blue Levis jeans.

         Zakri walk inside and sat on the chair in front of Ehab. He looked to the young director and wait.

         Ehab looked to the silent man and stared back. "Is there something I can help you with, mister Zakri?" he said.

         Zakri closed his eyes contemplating and opened them back again seconds later. "Is going back possible?" he said to Ehab who looked back at him with frowning eyes.

         "What do you mean?" said Ehab.

         "Can I go back to my world?" said Zakri. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and wait for Ehab to answer.

         Ehab took a moment before finally answering Zakri's question. "It is possible. But thus far, only one man knew how to do it and he is quite the stingy guy when it comes to knowledge." he said taking out a small piece of paper from his drawer. He pulls out the pen from his pocket, a white quill made from a feather of a creature Zakri knew not of.