STOLEN Chapter 6-1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

CHAPTER 6 Part 1

         Zakri sat on his bed. His head fixed to the ceiling, his eyes to the tiny bumps and valleys that make out the wind curve decoration. His thought flew back to the talk he had with Ehab a week ago. He had seen much of the hospital and its surroundings since that but has yet to see anything beyond. He sighed and looked back to the closed door in front of him.

         "Maybe I should just give it a look myself" he said and slides out of bed. He went to the locker and changed to his clothes before his demise. His favorite trench coat he bought from a bundle shop, his Nike shirt from ten years ago and his only brand new Levis jeans. It felt good again to don these instead of the skimpy green robe, he thought to himself and smiled. He cracked his fingers and neck and with a slip into his shoes, he exits his room.

         The main entrance slides open revealing the same field of empty tarmac in front of him. He looked to the waiting line to his sides and they looked back to him, glittering eyes and everything.  He smiled to some of them whose face never changed and walked away towards the gated main entrance.

         "Halt" a creature stopped Zakri near the gate. It was a Marid, he knew from the blue skin and the emerald fire burning in his eyes socket. The Djinn wore a bright blue robe with holes where its fins protrude from its skin. A large trident like weapon stood next to him, gold and brilliantly glittering underneath the shaded sky. "Going outside?" he said inspecting Zakri's clothes.

         Zakri nod. He looked back towards the hospital.

         The Marid stepped to one side and cocked his head to his side as if receiving something through his ears. He nods and agrees and turn back to Zakri who smiled, despite the man's angry fish face.