STOLEN Chapter 5-9

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 9

         Zakri eyed all the creatures around him. None of them resembles a human except for the doctors and nurses attending most of the other creatures.
         "Come, I'll explain to you where you are." said Ehab. He gestured for Zakri to follow him outside.
         The door slides open and both of them walked into a pristine black marble sidewalk shade by a large . More creatures sat around the outer walls. Some were talking to another others just kept to themselves. The air had a whiff of jasmine and vanilla. Zakri squint from the brightness but felt no prickling pain as he did when he was in the City and it wasn't hot or humid.
         The road was empty save for the occasional buzz of blue colored object that pass by. A large object, white as the walls itself, shaped like a huge coffin lands in front of the small roundabout in front of the hospital. Jets of smokes pushed the ground, slowing the object down until it lands with a hiss. Blue lines emerge from the object. The lines create a large rectangle shape on the side of the object and from it came a large burly human shaped man wearing the same clothes as the nurses pulling out what Zakri thought was a stretcher only it floats on itself. Another man, a doctor, much like Ehab follows the floating stretcher as it moves towards the entrance door.
         He stopped in front of Ehab and smiled before walking past him. Ehab replaced his glasses and gave a faint smile.
         "Who's that?" said Zakri. He glared at the man and the floating stretcher before it disappears into the hospital.
         "Someone unimportant" said Ehab. He walked along the sideways, walking past waiting creatures along the walls. They walked into a large garden, lush with vegetation and flowers adorning the edges where building meets with dirt. Ehab picked an empty space, a bench bend around a circular table. He sat and gestured for Zakri to do the same.
         Zakri took a seat and looked around him. More fantastical creatures walks idly around him. Some spoke with their attending nurse, others amongst each others. He eyed a group of Unicorns talking with joy at a group of Orcs. Both group members wore bandages around either their neck or their body."This is not..." he said. " world..."
         Ehab smiled, funny he finds the realization Zakri told him. "No, this is not your world, Zakri. But this is somewhere close." he said. He placed the clipboard on the table revealing Zakri's photo along with a chart showing his physical condition. He leaned forward, clasping his hands together and placing them on the table. The mumbles around them took center stage as both said nothing.
         "This world, is a hidden world." said Ehab, breaking the silence. "It is a world robbed from the human senses long before time itself was created." He turned towards the creatures around him, enjoying the mysterious sound of his words.
         Zakri looked to him. "What do you mean?" he said.
         Ehab smiled. "What I mean is, Mister Zakri. This world you're living in right now..."
         " the world of the Djinns"