STOLEN Chapter 5-8

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 8

         Zakri nod. "Sure, I have nothing to do anyway." he said. The elevator door slides open revealing the same sight he saw yesterday. He gulped. His heart skipped a beat and his stomach quench. "By the way" he said. "What the hell is this place anyway?"
         Ehab turned back to Zakri curious. "What do you mean? This is a hospital." he said.
         "What kind of hospital?" said Zakri his eyes still fixed at the paranormal sight in front of him.
         "A hospital for everyone" said Ehab. He walked out of the elevator and was greeted by one of the flying monster. Its flaming red body burn bright yet it wasn't hot.
         Zakri looked to the creature. Its body was the shape of a human but with the head of a lion and horns that twists and turns above its head like that of an eland jutting out into the air proud. It was holding on to its arm supported by a glittering dusts of gold like a sling. Its wings beat behind it to keep it afloat yet as powerful as it is there was not wind blasting out from it. Zakri frowned again. He decided to keep his hands to himself, not wanting to create any trouble with things he doesn't know. So he followed Ehab who was standing at the center of the huge lobby.
         "What was that creature?" Zakri said to Ehab who was checking his clipboard.
         Ehab looked to the flying creature. "That's Hibar the Ifrit." he said. He turned to his left and points with his thumb towards a creature sitting far in the corner, hidden behind the darkness of sight. It was much like Hibar except that it was jet black instead of burning red flame. "That's another Ifrit, Jalbar. He's an assassin. Retired though, lost his legs in a fight with a Marid. A powerful one he always claimed, but no one had ever seen a Marid defeating an Ifrit before." he shrugged and turn toward a group of creatures. "That group of blue mermen are the Marids. They're here to visit one of themselves. Close relatives I guess. " he said.