STOLEN Chapter 5-7

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 7

         The hospital was cheerful when the sun approaches. Zakri got out of his bed. The machines behind him was taken away only a few minutes after he woke up conveniently enough, by the same nurse he scared the shit out of. So he used the opportunity to apologize to her to which the nurse accepted with a smile. It was warm, Zakri thought to himself. He smiled at the image of the lovely nurse.
         He stood on the cold marble floor and shivers. His legs felt powerful enough to support him and his body was aching to move. He makes a couple of squats and stretches and with the slipper given by the hospital, he heads out, leaving his room.
         The nurses smiled at him as he walks past them. Some greeted him to which he greets back with a smile. It felt comfortable in the hospital, though not as much as at home. He walked through the entrance towards the elevator and pressed the button heading down.
         The elevator ringed and the door slide open revealing Ehab with a clipboard in his hand. He looked to Zakri indifferent and greets him. "Going down?" he said.
         Zakri nod and make his way inside standing next to Ehab in the confined room.
         "So, how have you been?" said Ehab. He looked to Zakri and replaced his glasses.
         Zakri snorted. "Not bad, I guess."
         "I heard you made a nurse cry last night" he said with a grin. "Haven't heard anyone doing that lately".
         Zakri smiled. It was shameful to him and it ached his heart to hear it from someone else. "Yeah, it was a misunderstanding. It was my fault." he said.
         Ehab smiled. "Well, I hope you won't repeat it again. Can't help you if you get yourself beat down by the nurse." he said and the elevator stopped shouting a loud ring inside. "Care for a walk?" he said to Zakri.