STOLEN Chapter 5-6

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 6

        The door opened slow. It creaked like a long squeal. Zakri eyed from the corners of his eyes at the door. His heart wavered to the unknown who came into his room. He wanted to shift his body but somehow he didn't. He would play the same game with whoever is entering his room and will catch him or her when the time is right.
        Footsteps entered the room. It was light like the breeze of the wind. It moves fast, knowing where to go. Silver beads formed on Zakri's forehead. His stomach quench, his body shivers subtly underneath the warm white blanket.
         Something rattled. The sound of a tray filled with apparatus and bottles, Zakri deduced. He took a deep breath and whipped himself around just as he heard it clunk to the side table. His surprise attack scared the nurse who was about to place a jug of water on his bedside table, sending her shrieking.
         More footfalls followed from the outside but Zakri acted quickly. He shout to the nurse and told her to stop. The nurse backed away, her chest rise and fall. She buried her face in her hands and began to cry. The door swung open and lights came out of nowhere into the room turning it too bright for Zakri.
         A couple of nurses rushed inside, towards the crying nurse, each asking what happened. The nurse kept on crying so they looked to Zakri who gulped and said nothing.
         Not knowing what happened, the two nurses held the crying nurse in their arms and escort her outside. Zakri eyed them as they disappeared out of the door and watch as the lights around him dimmed back into grayness. He took a breath and leaned back to his bed regretting what he had done. "Maybe I think too much" he said to himself and went back to sleep.