Random Flash Fiction #11

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

                Sally sat on the chair overlooking his private beach down below. He smiled when he saw his grandkids waved their tiny hands at him and waved back, laughing alone on top of the precipice. He leaned back. His weight pushed down on the chair, straining it until it screamed with pain. The wind from the sea blew gentle to his face, groping him and cuddling him. He felt relaxed and happy. Something he had not felt for over half his life. He reached for the drink he had placed on the table next to his chair and took a sip from it. Iced lemon tea. His favorite drink. Unlike his friends, the war veterans, he never drinks wine or beer. He couldn't. He likes his health and his body too much to give in to the temptation. But that gave him the advantage over his fellow friends. He was fit, even for a sixty-five years old. He could still do the iron man challenge. He even won one last month.

                Sally slipped on his shades and watched the sea dragged down the red sun from the sky. As if refusing, the sun painted the sky red and orange, like tentacles, trying to pull itself from the force of the sea. There were already stars poking from behind the red and orange veil and from a far he could already hear the sound of his son's vehicle coming into the front lawn of his house. His smile disappeared, turned into a powerless sigh.

                The sound of door closed followed by the voice of his son took Sally's attention from the beautiful sunset. He replaced his shade into his breast pocket and got up from the seat. He turned his attention to the beach where his grandkids were and called out for them.

                "Grandpa, there's something in the sand!" calls out one of his grandkids, the youngest of the two.

                Sally frowned. He looked to his back and saw his son and his wife moving about the house, heading towards him. He gave them a wave when they saw him and told them he was about to get the kids up from the beach. The couple nodded and heads back inside.

                Sally walked down the concrete stairs towards the beach and calls for his two grandkids. His eyes jumped to the object they pointed out earlier. "Don't touch that. Come on, daddy and mommy's here" he said. They beamed with smile when they heard it and ran for Sally.

                Sally smiled and opened his arms wide, grabbing at them and hugging them tight. Together, hand-in-hand, they walked back up the concrete stairs and into the house, just as the auto lighting kicks in, leaving the darkening world behind them.
                Sally walked back to the precipice where his chair was and looked down to the beach. The sun was high and mighty and his son's family had already left after breakfast. He cracked his back and gave his arms a swings, loosening the tight muscles. He looked towards the spot where his grandkids were playing yesterday and saw the object they found. He sighed. He looked to his hands and watched the minute tremble it gave out.

                "No need to be a hero, I guess" he said and turned towards his house. He disappeared inside and only came out again a few hours later, when the bomb-squad arrives. He showed them the beach and the unexploded bomb, before taking a seat on his chair and watched the bomb being dismantled.

                "No need to be a hero" he said and slipped on his shades, looking at the ocean as he always had done. Waiting for the weekend and for his grandkids to come visit him again.