STOLEN Chapter 5-5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 5

         Zakri's eyes darts furiously at the room as he walks down towards the junction where the receptionist nurse stood in waiting with a full bloom smile. She greeted both Zakri and Ehab and gave them a slight bow to which Ehab bowed back and Zakri looked confused.
         They exit the hallway through the entrance and make their way towards the elevator. Ehab pressed the button marked with an arrow pointing down and almost immediately, it rang. The white door slides open and the two men walks inside.
         The lobby spreads out to Zakri when the elevator door slides open again a few seconds later. It was something he had never seen before. Like the place of gatherings for ghosts, devils and the paranormal, the lobby was filled with creatures and animals and monsters all standing in wait, some pacing up and down the huge area while the flying hover above head to a ceiling he somehow could not see. Zakri's jaw dropped.
         Ehab looked to Zakri curious. "What's wrong?" he said.
         Zakri felt his knees loosened, his head numbed and his vision darkened. The last thing he heard was Ehab calling him.

         Zakri opened his eyes again and again he saw the same pristine white ceiling above him. He closed his eyes yet again, and wondered if what he thought he saw earlier was just a dream. He shifts his body to the side. The machine behind him blip like an annoying brat to his chagrin. He looked to the window on the wall across. It was translucent. Then he realized that the walls around him had dimmed. He rubbed his eyes, heavy yet he felt needed to be awakened. He shifts to the other side and watch the dimmed wall across him. Empty. He sighed. He closed his eyes again.