STOLEN Chapter 5-4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 4

         Zakri got out of the bed, pushing Ehab away. He held to the railing. He let his legs dangle over the edge of the bed. Worry floods his face so he turn back to Ehab. "Doctor, how long have I been sleeping?" he said.
         Ehab rubbed his chin. "Two weeks, I think." he said.
         Zakri took a deep breath. "Oh well, here goes nothing." he said and plop down. His feet touches the cold marble floor and push up, against gravity. Zakri bend forward trying to recover his balance. He stayed at the squatting position for awhile, trying to regain the feel for his legs as its sensor began to kick in and the coldness from the floor seeps. He shuddered and push himself up.
         Ehab looked and smiled. "I don't think it's something you should be worried about." he said.
         The nurse came back with a couple of towels and a new bedsheets tucked underneath her arms. She apologized to Zakri and Ehab and make her way towards the bed, wiping the vomit off and changing the sheet. Ehab pats Zakri's back. "Can't you walk?" he said looking to Zakri.
         Zakri frowned. "I guess." he said and took his first step. It was rough but he stayed upwards so he took another followed by another.
         Ehab nods his head. "Good, looks like you haven't lost your motor skill or you sense of balance." he said and walk towards the door. "Come, walk with me." he said and opened the door behind him.
         Zakri looked to the door and accepts the idea with joy. He hates being confined in a room.
         Ehab peeled off the pads connected to Zakri's limbs and placed it on the side table before making his way back to the door. Zakri followed him outside into a pristine white hallway much like his room. Around him, nurses walk to and fro each with either clipboard in their hands or a tray of medicine. A couple of nurses were chatting at the nearby wall next to a room with gray door.