STOLEN Chapter 5-3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 3

         Ehab smiled again. "A friend of mine, Tuah. He brought you here. We revived you and here you are" he said.
         Zakri's frown deepened. "Wait, revive? What do you mean revive?"
         Surprised by the question Ehab looked to the nurse and whispered something to her to which she only shook her head. He rubbed his forehead curious yet answered Zakri's question anyway. "You died, don't you remember?" he said.
         Zakri looked to the Ehab surprised. His heart raced but his mind told him otherwise. "What do you mean, I died?" he said.
         Ehab scratched his head. "You have no heart." he said pointing towards Zakri's chest.
         Zakri's fingers crawls towards his chest. He gave it a rub and felt the scar running vertically from his throat all the way down to the bottom of his rib cage. He pressed his palm to where his heart is and felt nothing but coldness from it. He smiled, and laughed, taking Ehab by surprise.
         "Is something wrong?"
         Zakri buried half of his face in his hand. His eyes were wide open and his laugh died leaving only a smile that died after a few moment leaving only horror. "I... died..." he said. He shuddered. His mind flashes images, Mr. Drood smile, his throbbing heart. He cupped his mouth and vomit.
         Ehab ordered the nurse for new clothes and something to wipe the vomit from the bed off. She scrambled out of the room. Ehab pulled a couple of tissue papers from the side table and gave it Zakri whose face fade of color.
         "Doctor..." Zakri said. He looked to Ehab. "If I'm dead, then, does that make me a zombie now?"
        Ehab frowned. He wondered what to make do of the question. "I did told you we managed to revive you, so I don't think you are a zombie. Zombies don't have the ability to think since their brain stopped working the moment they're dead. You're more like a ghoul, if you want a comparison." he said shrugging.