STOLEN Chapter 5-2

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 2

         Zakri looked to his side at the device given by the nurse. It was different from the usual bedside remote he usually see in hospitals. The red button was big, small though compared to the green button underneath it. It was like a quiz console button for yes and no.
         He pushed the green button. It lit up and he lean back surprised to feel his back hitting the soft bed. "Automated... nice." he said. The door creaked open and Ehab walks in with a clipboard and a nurse behind him. The nurse closed the door and stood near the bedside table, placing a tray of syringes and medicines. Zakri looked to the tray and gulped. "Oh man..." he said.
         Ehab smiled. "Not a fan of medicine?" he said looking at the clipboard in his hand. He pulls out a small pen like object from his breast pocket and wrote something on the clipboard before handing it to the nurse behind him. He cracked his neck and looked at the machine behind Zakri. He smiled. "You look great." he said.
         Zakri frowned at the doctor in front of him. "I'm sorry but, where am I?" he said. He looked to the machine behind him and  to his body before looking back to the doctor still with the frown in his face. "And you are?" he said.
         Ehab smiled. "Ah, yes, manners." he said with a smile. He replaced his glasses. "My name is Ehab, I am the head of this hospital." he said, bowing instead of extending his hand.
         The gesture took Zakri by a surprise, but he bowed back. "Doctor Ehab. How did I end up here?" he said looking at the pristine white walls and clear transparent mirror at the wall next to him overlooking the hallway and the nurses walking around.