STOLEN Chapter 5-1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Chapter 5 Part 1

         Zakri opened his eyes. It was different. It was white not dark, there were machines blipping behind him and soft bed wrapping around his body. He was lying a few feet above the floor and there is a lovely lady working on the side table next to him. He licked his lips and felt the crack. He gulped and felt thousands of needles piercing his throat. He coughed, gritting his teeth at the pain. The lovely lady looked to him surprise and gave him a cup of fresh water. Zakri took the cup and gulp it down without pause.
         It was painful, but was also refreshing. He coughed again, though not as painful, it still forced him to wince. He looked to the lovely lady still standing next to him and squints. "Where am I?" he said.
         The lovely lady smiled. "This is a hospital. You've been here for almost a week now. You need to rest." she said. She took the cup from Zakri's hand and placed in back on the side table, filling it with water again.
         Zakri frowned. "Hospital? Why am I in a hospital? What happened to me?" he said still fixed to the lovely lady.
         "I'm sorry, but I myself have no access to your record. You need to ask the doctor in charge of you." she said and hands him a small device with a large green and red button sitting one on top of the other. "You can press the green button to call your supervising doctor or the red button to call the nurse in charge." she said and smiled again, gathering syringes from the side table into a small basket. She left the room, giving Zakri one last smile before disappearing behind the closed door.
         Zakri looked around, confused. He puts the device down and ran his fingers all over his body. "Nothing's missing..." he said. He closed his eyes, buried his face in his hands and ran his fingers all the way to the back of his head, pulling his head with him. He took a deep breath, relief to see himself still alive. He looked to the pristine ceiling again still wondering where he is.