STOLEN Chapter 4-8

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 8

         She looked to Zakri and sighed. The machine behind him blipped and the indicators on its monitors rise and fall. Something grabbed her mind when she looked at him. The edge of her mouth twitched. She ordered the nurses to keep watch on Zakri and left the room behind her.                 
         Fesna knocked on the pristine white door and wait. "Come in!" said the door and she opened it to reveal Ehab leaning on his reclining chair looking at the dim white ceiling. The lights were off and nothing was working inside the room.
         "Fesna." said Ehab polite. He wanted to smile but skip the thought. She doesn't like it, that, he know. He spins the chair and lean forward, his hands on the white oak table. A pile of files sat on one side of the table. He replaced his glasses and wait.
"That patient." said Fesna suddenly. She frowned, almost snaring at the head of the hospital.
         Ehab rubbed his forehead and closed his eyes, contemplating. He took a deep breath and look back to Fesna, this time with indifferent face. "Yes." he said.
         Fesna clenched her fists tight. "Tell me that I'm wrong about him." she said.
         Ehab sighed. "I don't know. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't." he said. His fingers played with each other on the table.
         "What if he is? Will he be a threat?" said the head of nurse. There was something in how she said the words. She was curious, and worry. Cautious playing with what could be a serious revelation.
         Ehab cleared his throat and looked to Fesna. "I don't know, Fesna. I honestly don't." he said though he had hoped he could have said something better, he just couldn't. He leaned back and sighed.
Fesna looked to the young doctor and clicked her tongue. She turned away and disappeared beyond the door without a word. Her footsteps heavy, drumming on the marble floor. The door slammed behind her long after she was gone, taking Ehab by surprise.