STOLEN Chapter 4-7

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 7

         Fesna pushed open again. Zakri groaned, his heads moved to the side and his eyelids flickers. She looked to the giant behind her and tapped on the door frame. It shuddered and pushed the walls around it outwards, resizing itself to reach the ceiling and six doors wide. The giant pushed itself inside behind Fesna.
         Fesna stood beside the bed looking down at Zakri. "We need to hurry, he's going to wake up." she said looking at the giant. It nod and placed its huge hands to each railings. It took a deep breath and pushed outwards. The bed cringed and screamed as it began to move upwards with Zakri still sleeping on it.
         Fesna placed her hands on Zakri's chest and closed her eyes. She recites and pull her hands back. Gentle like the touch of the winds itself, she raise Zakri into the air and pulls him away from the bed, floating it just above her.
         Outside the room, several nurses, along with the giant's helpers moved the new bed into position next to the giant.
         The giant looked to Fesna who looked back to it with a nod. The giant grinned and roared a silent roar before crushing the wrecked bed into scrap of broken metals with jutting foams and springs. The head nurse shot a glare at the giant. "Next time, pick up the pillow BEFORE you trash the bed, okay?" she said and the giant nod in apology.
         Fesna turned towards one of the nurse by the new bed and ordered her to get a new pillow to which the nurse quickly scramble to fulfill. The giant pulled the wreck clear from the room and disappears from the level with thundering steps. She closed her eyes again and moved Zakri towards the new bed, placing him gently. Zakri groaned and moved his head again.