Random Flash Fiction #10

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction


                Sam strapped on his safety goggles and sat on the chair looking at his half-finished work on the table. Circuitries, wires, cutter and whatnot cluttered his workstation. He pulled his face free of the safety goggles and placed them on the table before leaving the room.

                "What's wrong?"

                Sam turned his head around and saw Annie walking towards him. Her hair jumbled and unkempt--all over the place--with tiny white smokes puffing from its edges. And burnt marks all over her face.

                "What's wrong with you?" said Sam.

                Annie looked surprised and turned her attention to herself. She looked to her grayed lab coat and rubbed her face, before giving out a loud scream. She tried to wipe her face, only to have it worsened. Disappointed, she hung her head low and pull out a pack of cigarettes.

                "Want one?" she offered Sam.

                "Don't smoke" Sam replied.

                Annie shrugged and nodded once. She pressed a cigarette to her lips and grabbed a zippo from the other pocket on her lab coat. She took a deep breath and watch the end of the cigarette flares red. A deep warmth seeped into her mouth, expanding as it moves to the back of her throat, before she swallowed it. Her lungs felt warm and she spat to the ground. "God, I'm bored with this job" she said.

                Sam turned away. This was getting ridiculous. "You sure don't seem like hating it, though" he said and walked away. He slides his name tag hanging around his neck on the keypad next to the door and stepped outside as the door hissed to a close behind him. He stole a glance behind him and saw Annie scratching her head and went back to work.

                "I'm definitely not sticking around anymore" he said and walked away.