STOLEN Chapter 4-6

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 6

         The giant snorted and opened its eyes. The wind forced it s face down, pushing its body back to the entrance. The giant squints, unable to withstand the force of the winds coming at it. Its long fingers grabbed hold of the edges of the wall and held tight. The tornadoes past again, heading this time directly towards it.
         "Stop this!"
         A voice boomed amongst the screaming winds killing the tornadoes in an instant. The giant opened its eyes and tried to look to its back but was obstructed by the walls around.
         The head nurse walked towards the giant and stopped in front of it, facing the hidden entrance.
         "Ehab!" she said.
         Footsteps thumps behind the giant. "Fesna" said Ehab. He walked to the giant's back and pats it, pushing the giant forward without breaking a sweat. The giant stumbled across the junction, avoiding Fesna only by rolling itself to its side. The floor reverberates and the level shook when it landed.
         "Ehab, do you have a problem?" said Fesna looking at the young doctor in front of her.
         Ehab glanced to Fesna with an indifferent face. He replaced his glasses and stare at the rampage in front of him. The giant was sitting on one knee, eyes mellowed and looking down to the marble floor. He sighed. "Fesna." he said. "This is a hospital, not a war zone. There are sick patrons in here and they need rest not another earthquake or tornado."
         Fesna spat on the marble floor at Ehab's words. "Yeah? then stop wrecking the bed, you idiot!" she said. She turned to the giant and slapped its thigh. "You keep wrecking the bed, I keep shaking the whole damn building, think about it!" she said and walked back towards Zakri's room with the giant in tow.
         Ehab looked to the little old woman and rubbed his forehead sighing. He picked up the papers lying on the floor and gave them to the nurses behind the counter. He needed a rest, he thought so he turn back towards the entrance and left the level  hoping for a peaceful rest and a still standing hospital.