STOLEN Chapter 4-5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 5

         The white door with red metal strip stretched across it bursts open. A small lady, old with thick glasses and pristine nurse wear walks in authoritative. She glanced at the nurses frozen on their spot as she walk past without words. Her steps was light and fast disappearing immediately into Zakri's room.
         Several minutes later, the drum followed. Loud and intimidating it approached the entrance and walked past it without hesitation. Nurses around leaned to themselves to the walls or entered any room they could get themselves into.
         A giant almost the size of the hallway itself walks in. Stuffed at the door, helped by its helper from behind. The giant stomps one foot at a time down the aisle, looking indifferent at the nurses trying to squeeze themselves out of its way. It's eyes blinked and it was breathing like it had walked a mile. The giant stops before it reached the junction and fell down to its knees. It took a deep breath while its helper scrambled and stumbled to reach its back. Its head bobbed front and back as it breath. It closes its eyes and took a deep breath.
         The door to Zakri's room creaked open and the small lady walked out. She looked to the empty hallway and frowned. She looked to her wristwatch and looked down the hallway again and sighed when she saw the giant's knee sticking out from behind the wall. She cracked her neck and walked out, carefully closing the door behind her. "I hate it when that idiot fell asleep." she said. She rubbed her hands and with a deep breath, she shouts to the giant.
         "GAJARA! WAKE UP!"
         The whole level shook from the sound wave. Mini tornadoes ran down the hallway, throwing papers and pushing some of the nurses who reacted too late to the ground cling. A couple was thrown into the air and rammed their back on the wall at the end of the hallway. Screams and shouts erupted as the mini tornadoes raged the place.