STOLEN Chapter 4-4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 4

         The doctor grits his teeth. Veins popped out of his forehead and arms. The fire in his eyes burns bright resembling the intense glow engulfing Zakri's body. He pulled them up along with Zakri and with a single thunderous shout, he slammed them back down, bending the metal frame of the bed inwards. The light disappeared and Zakri was back to normal, with his eyes closed. A stream of white smoke exits his mouth as it slowly shut.
         The doctor inhaled deep with closed eyes. The intense heat inside the room dissipates with white mists filling every corner. The nurses holding Zakri's limb continued holding on to them, worried for both the doctor and Zakri.
         "You can let him go now" said the doctor. He opened his eyes and looked to the nurse closes to the door. "Call the head nurse, ask her for a replacement bed." he said and the nurse nod, she turned with a joyful face exiting the heat intense room.
         The doctor wiped his forehead and his mouth with a face towel and gave it back to the nurse who handed it to him. He gulped and look to Zakri buried between the bed rails. "You surprised me, mister Zakri. You don't know your own potential." he said and move out of the room, followed by several nurses. The machine behind the bed blipped in a monotonous rhythm, unaware of what had just happened. Two remaining nurse stripped the room of any sorts of decorations, leaving only the wrecked bed and the machine behind it. Satisfied that they have left nothing inside the room, they closed the door behind them leaving Zakri alone inside between two metal rails.
         The floor drums with footsteps. Alone yet powerful, the sound sends shivers down every nurse working on the floor. They looked to each other and then to the entrance. The nurses walking down the hallway and the junction stopped holding clipboards to their chest. They gulped and looked to the entrance with praying hearts. The footsteps grew closer and their hearts grew smaller.