STOLEN Chapter 4-3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 3

         A young man - in his late twenties - in pristine white doctors coat walks into the room where Zakri was placed. He replaced his full framed glasses and looked with intent eyes at was in front of him. He carefully placed his hand on Zakri's stretched chest, resting it only a few centimeters above the green robe. He closed his eyes and placed another hand on Zakri's forehead, gripping hard on it. His mouth recites something underneath his breath. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath while still reciting. The nurse around him rushed around, emptying the doctor's surrounding of any electronic equipments and flammable liquids.
         "Hold him!" said the doctor. His face red and his eyes burn with orange flame. His hands trembled as gold light emerge from it, engulfing Zakri underneath and the tips of his fingers. The nurses around him scrambled toward all of Zakri's four limbs, bracing them with their hands and tying them tight with Velcros to the side rails.
         The doctor held on. The trembling of his hands worsened and the air around him began to warm leaning towards hot. Beads of silver sweats trickle down his forehead. His glasses tilted to the side, much to his annoyance.
         Zakri's body trembled along with the doctor's hands. His hands trashed around, pushing and pulling itself trying to free the binds around it. His legs trashed even more violent, nearly ripping the Velcro from the rail had it not for the nurses fast action grabbing hold of his leg with all their might.
         Zakri's body continues to jerk and tremble. Lights pour out of his eyes and mouth and ears. The air inside the room cranked to eleven. Several of the other nurses standing behind those holding Zakri down began to waver around. They wiped the sweats off the doctor's forehead and theirs. Some was compelled to sit down from the heat while others was pressed to exit.