STOLEN Chapter 4-2

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 2

         "You look worried."
         "The kid still hasn't wake up"
         "Don't worry about it, he will soon."
         Zakri heard an explosion, distanced but clear enough to his ears. He looked into the darkness, hoping to see the light but there was no light. No bursts nor a blip. His heart sank again. His hope dashed. He looked to the front, not knowing if it was the front and began to walk straight into more darkness.
         Zakri's chest rise and fall was apparent. He could feel it as he could feel the fatigue in his legs. He wondered his whereabouts. He wondered about the voices he kept hearing. He wondered about the light from before that never came back. He wondered why was he in such a place.
         Mr. Drood, he remembered. Then something flashed into his mind. His heart, throbbing and healthy, pumping blood in front of his eyes. He felt a lump stuck in his throat. Then it was the weird laugh, the likes of a jackal mix with hyena. His mind flashed another image, it was the fleeting view of the stout man, getting farther as it goes higher. Zakri felt the lightness in his body and the rush of winds hitting his back.
         His mind flashed another image but it was dark. He frowned but then the darkness around him explodes and he was thrown into the air. He screamed. He just don't know if anyone could hear him.
         There was a sound of Velcro torn out and a lot of pressing on his chest and limbs. Zakri groan. His body jerked backwards and his eyes bursts open. Lights from all over the place floods his vision. His mouth gaped but there was no sound coming from it. His mind numbed. The only thing he could still sense was the shouting of voices and the annoying bleeping sound everywhere.