STOLEN Chapter 4-1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Chapter 4 Part 1

         The room was dark. He could hear the beeping sounds of something nearby that he could not see. He rubbed his fingers and felt the rough sensation. He then ran them up his forearms, feeling his elbows and shoulders up to his neck and finally to his face. Everything felt normal, except for the darkness in his eyes.  He blinked again. He knew his eyes were open, yet he could not see. There was no image projected into his retinas. He closed them again. His heart sunk. He sighed and slumped to the ground, wondering what will happen to him after this.
         He sighed again. "I guess it's time I retire." he said to himself. He slumped his head down, tired and fatigue fills his heart and mind. He felt fond of the darkness. Fond of the emptiness. It felt free for him. Freedom, his heart shouts to him in joy. He smiled and let the fatigue wash him into sleep.
         Zakri frowned.
         "Kid... wake up"
         He groaned. The air was warm and nice. He doesn't want to wake up. He wanted to continue sleeping so he ignored the voice.   He shifts to the other side and continue with his slumber.
         "Are we losing him?"
         "No, let's wait a little longer"
         Zakri's ears twitched. Somehow there are now two voices around him inside the darkness. He wanted to look, or at least try to look for the source of the voice, but his unnatural laziness overcame his adventurous feeling and lulls him back to sleep.
         A clicking sound followed by bursts of light slaps Zakri in the face. He winced, angry at the light. The clicking sound became visible again, followed by another burst of light, moving side to side, swinging like a pendulum in front of him. Zakri looked to himself. He saw his hands and feet as it appears and disappears in front of him. He smiled. He clenched his fists tight. He closed his eyes and went back to sleep.