STOLEN Chapter 3-6

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 6

         "Looks like you won't be dying anytime soon, kid." he said and picked Zakri's body with one hand. He looked around the area for a door and spot one just next to the staircase where he came from. "Great, now let's get you back to life." he said and carried Zakri's dying body towards the door.
         Tuah placed his hand on the door and closed his eyes. His mouth murmured under his breath, reciting something. The gap around the door began to glow sending the air frantic with winds coming and going around him. Tuah released his hand from the door and watch as a ripple emerge from its center.
         "I hope this is a right decision." he said and walked into the ripple. The glow around the door brightened, illuminating all the way to the shop houses across the road. Tuah walked inside and disappears into the ripple, along with Zakri on his shoulder. The door rippled again as Tuah's feet finally disappear. With a thunderous sound of explosion, the ripple disappeared and the wind died into still.
         The shop houses was once again empty.