STOLEN Chapter 3-2

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 2

         Zakri leaned back and sighed. "Jimmy, I don't care about your preferences." he said.
         Jimmy laughed again. "I'm not talking about his face or his body, Zak. I'm saying that this man is wanted by everyone." the sound of key tapping in the background came again. "The FBI, NSA, DEA, Secret Service, Tier-1, every freaking organizations out there including the MOSSAD" he said.
         Zakri cringed at the man's weird cheerful tone. "Can you find out why?" he said.
                   "Hold on." said Jimmy and the key taps again. "Something about new unlimited power. Oh shit!"
                   Zakri whipped forward almost standing. "Jimmy, what happened?" he said.
                   "I'm being trace." said Jimmy. The phone thud and banged to metal something followed by another silence. Jimmy's voice came again, but he was shouting and it became the new silent background . The whispers of hurrying footfalls crossed the line towards Zakri's ears.
                   "Jimmy?" he said. No one replied. The sound of people hurrying became more apparent. The phone moved and a calm breath surged down the line, sending Zakri shivering to his spine.
                   "I don't know who you are, yet." said the voice. It was older and confident. "But if, and that is a confirmed if, you are somehow connected to these bastards, you will not want to stay where you are for long" it said. "Tick, tock, tick, tock" it continues and the line went dead.
         Zakri slammed the phone and rubbed his face. "Shit. What just happened?" he said and shot out of the chair. He opened the safe room and went through the cabinets filled with files to its brim and proceed towards the safe. He turned the dials and plunged the handle bar down. The safe's door swivel lazy revealing its wealth.
         Zakri closed his eyes for awhile, praying what he is about to do is really worth it. He grabbed the file with a red wax seal on it and several notes of various colors and denomination. He wanted to put them all back but now that Jimmy has been compromised, it would no longer be safe staying in the City for long. He took a bag he readied behind the safe and shoved every notes inside the safe into it. He picked the last file and gave it a look, his heart race. He gulped and placed it inside along with the notes.