STOLEN Chapter 3-1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Chapter 3 Part 1

         The door to the office slammed. Its hinges shuddered as did its  frame. The window on the door rattled precarious to the ears. Zakri threw his coat to the rack, made himself a hot black coffee and sat on the chair. He pushed the windows open and pulled the blinds up. The sun was still only a shy away from the horizon hidden between the precipices of whitewashed buildings.
         He took a sip and placed the mug on the table. He closed his eyes and leaned his head to the chair. His body called for immediate rest but his heart told him otherwise. He picked the phone and dialed blindly.
          The speaker crackled to life followed by a monotonous ringing tone, like a lullaby to his ears. His consciousness slipped but not before a voice cracked from the other side of the phone. "Jimmy." said the phone simple.
          Zakri took a deep breath. "Jimmy, it's me, Zakri." he said with a weird regret.
          Jimmy laughed from the other side. It lasted for awhile, giving Zakri enough reason to slam the phone back to its base. But he didn't. He needs to call the man and he needs to do it fast.
          "Sorry, man. Sure, what do you want me to do?" said Jimmy still withholding his laugh.
          Zakri sighed. "I need info on a certain man. Can you do it?" he said. The phone went silent for awhile.
         "Okay, I can do that. It'll cost you though." said Jimmy back. A weird mumbling whispered from behind him. "It's a friend, ma!" he said. "Sorry."
         Zakri rubbed his heavy eyes. "Okay, I need you to find a man named Rosli Hakim, can you do that?" he said. The phone went silent again followed by tapping of what Zakri guessed the keyboard. Then it went silent again for awhile.
         "I can... but I think this man's hot." said Jimmy.