STOLEN Chapter 2-5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 5

         The driver nod annoyed. The taxi zoomed and turned into the curve, climbing up the overhead pass into the main highway heading towards the City. The red counter just below the center console of the taxi blinked and began to count up.
         An hour drive later, the taxi stopped in front of the City's largest bank. Zakri got out of the taxi and pulls out his ruined leather wallet from his coat pocket. Trickles of water pours down every pocket inside the wallet. Drenched and diluted receipts fell to the group like a lump of clay. He sighed and pulled out his bank card, gave it a quick wipe and slide it into the ATM hoping it will still work.
         The green screen flickered for awhile, and the word 'please wait' stuck to the screen too long it almost gave Zakri a heart attack. The screen flickered again and a menu appeared. Zakri breathed relief and proceed to withdraw money from the ATM He pulls out the notes and his card and went back to the waiting taxi.
         "Here, see. I said don't worry about it." he said and hand the driver several notes.
         The driver pluck them from Zakri's hand and gave them a count. He nod and smiled. "Sorry, it's late and I had to be sure, you know" he said. The taxi head back into the main road and continued towards the heart of the city.
         "Here?" said the driver. He jerked his head forward and looked sideways to be sure of the destination.
         Zakri, still shivering cold, looked to his side and quickly asked the driver to stop. The taxi came to a halt and Zakri opened the door. He looked around before turning back to the driver. "Yeah, this is the place. Thanks" he said, extending his hand to the driver.
         "Sure, no problem. If you happen to be in South City again for a late night swim, be sure to call me again, okay" he said and smiled, shaking Zakri's hand.
         Zakri grinned and shuts the door. The taxi roared and left the neighborhood back toward South City.
         Zakri waited until the taxi disappeared before moving back to his house. He groped his pocket for the keys and unlocked the door. The day had been life threatening and a good night sleep is all he needs. And a good supper.
         The front door banged and its lock clicked. Zakri pulls out his shoes with agony and threw his trench coat to the floor as with his shirt and pants. Naked and cold, he clambered up the stairs and into his room. He pulls the towel from a rack near his bed and wrapped it around his waist before heading straight towards the bathroom.
         Zakri walks out with the steam along his feet. He stretched and heads towards a cheap cabinet with a can of paint as one of its leg. Finished with his pajamas, a cheap white singlet and short, he went back down and gave himself a nice supper before turning the lights off. Much work needs to be done tomorrow and he  hates it.