STOLEN Chapter 2-4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 4

         Restlessness and worry began to flood him when two spots of light moved towards him. He squints and covered his eyes with his hands. The beam died down and the car stopped in front of the stand. Zakri looked to the car, a red and white taxi. He smiled. The window whirs down and the driver jerked his head towards Zakri. "You need a ride?" he said. Zakri nod graciously and opened the passenger seat door.
         The driver looked with a surprise at the drenched Zakri. "Where have you been? Swimming?" he said as the car skid back into the road. Zakri said nothing, only cherishing the moving road in front of him.
         "So, where can I get you to?" the driver said again, looking at Zakri and then the road.
         Zakri, shivering in his trench coat looked to the driver. "Where is this place?" he said. He gulped and continues to shiver.
         The driver frowned. "This is the South City. Did you hit your head or something?" he said and laughed.
         Zakri smiled. "You can say something like that." he said.
         The driver smiled. "So where are you heading?"
         Zakri wiped his face. The air conditioner felt too cold for him. "Can you lower the air conditioner?" he said to the driver.
         "Sure." said the driver and he turned a knob on the center console. The wind from the air conditioner died down much to Zakri's relief. He thanked the driver and went back to looking at the road.
         "Can you get me to the City?" he said without looking.
         The driver looked to him. "I can, but it's gonna cost you. One hour drive is not cheap, you know." he said as if a warning.
         Zakri sighed. "Then find me any nearby ATM, I'll make your worries gone." he said. He tried not to be rude, but a person shivering to his death isn't really fond of being warn about money.