STOLEN Chapter 2-2

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 2

         Frantic for escape, he got up and hit his head on the rook for the car. He grabbed the scatter of files all over the passenger seat. The car was dark with only occasional silver glitters of reflected light. Zakri cramped the files back into the envelope and hoped what was written inside won't be diluted by the water when he broke out of the car.
         "Shit!" he said. He elbowed the window and winced. The water rose to his crotch sending shivers down his spine. He closed his eyes and hardened his body. The cold from the water is making his limbs numb. He looked to the back seat and ran his fingers in hope to find something sharp enough he can use to break the window.
         "Shit! Nothing!" he said and punched the passenger seat. Blood exiting his legs lumped to his face. He wiggled his toes and  legs as fast as he could, forcing his heart to work faster and pump blood into his numbing legs. He unlocked the car and tried to give it a push. The door budge and stopped. The pressure difference was shutting him from the outside.
         "Damn it!" he said. He grabbed the envelope, bulged from the roughly organized files shoved into it, and leaned his back to the door. He lift the envelope above water as it hits his chest. He held his breath and pushed the door with his legs pushing on the car's gear box. The door heaved and rush of water flowed into the car, sending it deeper faster and at the same time repressurised it enough to give Zakri the leverage he need to push the door fully open.
         He took one last long breath before the car was quickly consume by the water and push himself free of its demise. He glanced back at the drowning car and cursed in his heart. The light was scarce with only glitters but Zakri knew the best way is to go up. So he kicked hard and fast, holding his breath in his stomach instead of his chest. It made him glad he took free diving class. It costs a bomb and he had cursed its uselessness to him. Now, the very thing he cursed had just saved him from his death.