STOLEN Chapter 2-1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Chapter 2 Part 1

         Zakri barged out of the joint almost knocking a young girl holding her tray. He apologized with a quick turn and bow and continue pursuing the man he was looking for. He followed the man, running against the man walking but by some weird physics he could not seem to catch up to the guy.
         So he shout the man's name. But the man did not even flinch let alone stop to look back. He just kept on going and going, farther and farther away until he took a quick turn at the end of the row of shops and disappeared. Zakri pushed himself as hard as he could and made the same turn, only to see an empty alley that exits to another row of shop houses. He looked to his side, peered farther, looked to his back – nothing.
         "Shit. I lost him." he said.
         He shook his head and turn around heading back to his car. "Now what?" he said to himself. The walk back felt too long. Zakri looked towards the fast food joint and sighed again. His stomach felt uneasy. Something felt stuck on his throat. He cupped his mouth and heads straight to his car.
         He sat in the reclined driver's seat and let the cool air from the air conditioner cool himself down. His head felt like it is twisting and turning and his vision was no different. He closed his eyes and anchored his arms above it, shutting the outside world completely. His free hand ran for the door lock and locked the car.

         The hours when by as he slept with a sense of drowning. He moved to the side and felt the world move with him. His chest felt tight and heavy. He took a deep breath again and felt the pressure mounts. He blinked. His legs felt cold and drenched. The feeling woke him up and the reality made it worse. His car was tumbling down, drown and going deeper. Someone had pushed his car into a lake, or a sea and he is slowly being drain off air.