STOLEN Chapter 1-7

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 7

Suddenly he realized one grave mistake he had just made. "Shit! I forgot to ask how much will she pay!" he said slapping his head in disappointment. He sighed and flipped the name card in his hand. "FutureScience?" he said looking at the big FS logo and the name FutureScience at the bottom of the card. "She's the president of FutureScience?" he smiled and look to the lazy ceiling fan. "Man, I'm going to change you first" He said grabbing his coat. He switched everything off and shuts the window before exiting his office. His heart was burning with determination and his eyes and nose flooded with green notes. The door clicked behind him and the lock was set. He smiles and jumps down the stairs.
The smell from the mamak restaurant next door was gone as did the sound of people chattering inside and the sight of congestion as people began to flood the area for lunch. He tapped on the green button on his car key and jump into the car without even glancing back only to start the engine and turn it back off. He got back out, locked the car doors with the key and ran back to his office. He storms in, grabbed the yellow envelope and went back out again, going faster and bolder with each steps. The sound of people cursing and horns honking at him felt like the gentle breeze of the wind to his ears. He plop back into the car and threw the envelope to the passenger seat with eyes bright as the searing sun above. "Lucky I didn't forget about you" he said and he turned the ignition on. The engine roared to life and the car swerved to join the hundreds of cars going to and fro from the place.
The small gray MyVi stepped into the main street and stopped at the side of the road before it reaches the heart of the City. Zakri cracked his neck and knuckles and opened the envelope. His mind had been deducing what kind of a man the brother was from the picture shown to him and still in his possession. He took out the first slip of paper, a report on the finding from a private investigator named Hashim Jamhasni, a former reporter turned private investigator who had basked in the limelight of journalist turned celebrity after he wrote an expose on a famous politician he once interviewed.