STOLEN Chapter 1-6

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 6

         Zakri blushed. He blinked. His mind blanked for a moment. His hand felt warm and cold. Chill ran down his spine and he felt like jumping down the window at the moment. He tried to crack a smile but let out a laughter instead. "Don't worry Miss Serene, I will call you back once I have your brother here with me!" he said standing with his hands grabbing Miss Serene.
         She smiled and stood with him. "Thank you. I will wait for your call." she said. She took out a small card with her name and a company's logo stamped next to it. She took out a pen and wrote down a series of numbers at the back before flipping it back and handing it to Zakri's open hand. "At the back is my cellphone number, please use that one once you know anything about him." She said with the brightest and warmest smile Zakri had ever seen.
         "I, I will..." he said. His stuttering almost made him feels like an idiot had it not for Miss Serene's voice of gratitude. She pulled the chair and walked to the door as Zakri scrambled towards it. "Have a safe trip, and don't worry about it, I'll find your brother." he said with the most confident of smile he could muster.
         She smiled back and gave a slight bow. She exits the door and walked down the stairs and disappeared leaving Zakri alone holding her business card to his chest. He held the door frame long enough his hands began to slide down, taking his body down with it.
He closed the door with a gaping mouth and bulging eyes. He could not believe his luck. He thought the old man would have ruined his day but instead he brought him luck. He took out the Kris key chain and clipped it to his belt. "You are a lucky charm!" he said and jumped to the air.