STOLEN Chapter 1-5

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 5

         Zakri glanced at the picture and his act of eagerness fell sour. "This is..." he looked back to Miss Serene.
         Miss Serene looked down. Her fingers clenched into fists under the table. She closed her eyes wincing. "My brother, Rosli Hakim" she said finally.
         Zakri looked back at the picture. Though he noticed a slight resemblance, there is a little to no way the man could have been her brother but he persists. He told himself she is telling the truth. "So, is he missing or..." he tried to think of anything else that is not murder but found himself stuttering for it.
         "He went missing twelve years ago while we went out on a boating trip down south." said Miss Serene. She pull out a handkerchief from her purse and wiped her face with it.
         Zakri felt a slap to his heart. He closed his eyes, forgiving himself for being almost rude. He took a deep breath and wrote down what Miss Serene had told him. "And you believe he is still, alive?" he said. It felt like a sharp knife to his heart but he needed the information or at least the client belief in what he's about to embark is something feasible.
Miss Serene wiped her face again, still looking down to her purse. "Yes. I hope you can help me. I have been asking many private investigators but none of them managed to find him." She said.
         Zakri forced a smile. He leaned forward with the face of a confident detective. "Don't worry, Miss Serene, I won't fail you." He smiled hoping the lady in front of him would look up to him.
         She wiped her face again and placed the large envelop she has been holding on to onto the table. She slides it forward and wiped her face again, reddened from tears. "This is all the information I have gathered from the previous investigators. Please, I hope you can help me find him." She held Zakri's hand.