STOLEN Chapter 1-4

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 4

         "I should try the mamak downstairs, maybe they saw the old man left" he said to himself. He grabbed his trench coat and went out, down the stairs towards the mamak restaurant just next to the stairs. One of the mamak he asked said he never saw anyone with the old man's description nor did he saw anyone going up the stairs.
         Zakri rubbed his forehead. Something felt wrong. He thanked the mamak and went back to his office. He closed the door behind him and threw his coat back to the rack.
         A woman stood at the front door and greeted Zakri. Her red blouse wrapped around her body dotted by black buttons and a small pocket above her chest lined with black and adorned with black button. She was wearing make up, that part, Zakri could tell. She was also holding on to a large envelop, that, he could see.
         Hiding his surprise at the woman's sudden entrance, Zakri smiled at the lady and asked her to sit. He head towards the kettle and pour some teabags into one of the unused but clean teapot and poured hot water from the electric kettle placed next to the sink. He apologized for the the mess and placed a cup in front of the lady with the teapot sitting next to it. He took a sit and looked to the lady with another smile.
         "How can I help you..."
         "Serene, Miss Serene Carter" the lady responded and smiled. Her lovely face made Zakri wants to jump right ahead and promise to help her without even knowing what it is about but his P.I side held him back.
         "So, Miss Carter. How can I help you?" said Zakri smiling even brighter than before. His face began to turn red and the hot sun outside felt flooding into his office.
         She smiled and looked down to her purse. Her black Louis Vuitton purse clicked open and she took out a picture of a man, a handsome man in his twenties overlooking a lighthouse. She hands the picture to Zakri who received it with much eagerness.