STOLEN Chapter 1-3

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction

Part 3

         The old man stopped and turn around. "No, it's not the man from three days ago or the mafia whose daughter you kidnapped. This is someone far more dangerous. And no, that is not a lucky charm. It's a weapon. Just take it with you, it'll help" said the old man. His hard strict voice felt like a spank to Zakri's conssciousness.
         Zakri looked to the key chain and turned back to face the old man only to see no more of him. "Shit, he ran away." He scrambled for the door and looked to both ends of the hallway. He cursed again and ran down the stairs and burst out to the sidewalk where people had begun to flood the numerous restaurants and cafes  for lunch.
         "Shit." He said and ran back upstairs.
         The door slammed shut and Zakri slumped to the chair. He sighed and calmed himself down. "If it's not the man from three days ago or the mafia, then who?" His investigative mind began to kick into motion. He stood up picked the key chain and pressed it into his pants pocket and make his way towards his safe room. The door slides open and he walked inside towards the mountains of files.
         "Oh man, too many of them... I couldn't possibly know." He sighed and picked one file at random from the rack. He opens the file to read its content but quickly closed it and replaced it back to the rack. Searching one by one from the mountains of files would mean throwing away precious time. His mind lashed back, 'It's not like you have anything else to do', to which he replied 'I could go around and ask about that old man'. His mind silenced and he stopped trying to browse the files inside the safe room