STOLEN Chapter 1-1

*warning: Everything you read here are works of fiction



Part 1

         Zakri opened his eyes and woke up with a startle. The dusty room felt familiar yet somewhat different. His vision tumbled, his head hurts and his eyelids heavy. It was too bright and the door wasn't closed. He rubbed his eyes and slapped his face. He left the second hand executive chair he was sitting on and wobbled his way towards the sink near the front door.
         The cold water pulled at his face, clearing his eyes for a moment. He grabbed a towel hanging underneath the sink and rubbed his face dry. He make his way towards the opened door and was about to push it close when he realized the lock was broken and something dangles from its knob. He frowned.
         "What's this?" Zakri pluck the small kriss keychain from the door knob of his office door. He examined the silver keychain, noting the weird inscription on its blade and the hawk head hilt. "Never seen this before" he said. He looked out the door again. Seeing no one outside, he shrugged and shoved the keychain into his pocket before closing the door behind him.
         Zakri went back to his desk and sat on his chair. His back sunk in the soft leather cushion. He closed his eyes and sighed. He swivels chair to face the large window behind him and winced at the afternnoon sun. A gentle slap of hot afternoon breeze pricked at his cool skin, making it itchy and him slightly irritated.
         Zakri kicked the floor and pushed the chair towards the window. He placed his chin on the hot concrete window frame. He ignored the pain and let his sight flew to the road outside. A couple of cars sat on the parking lot while the shop lots across the street remained unopened. Nothing happened. He sighed.